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 “The best journey answers questions that, in the beginning, you didn’t even think to ask.” ~ Jeff Johnson

Decision-making as a Father can be one of life’s biggest challenges. Here, we determine in this video the role our dads played in our lives and how sometimes this gap, or the way we were raised can sometimes come from what we learned or did not learn as a child. Corbyn Tyson, a filmmaker, talks to his dad and explains his role and how he wasn’t always the best kid growing up and the morals he learned as a dad.

All of us are affected by our father. Maybe he wasn’t there at all, maybe he lived with you, but you didn’t see him too much.

What did your parents do right and what did they do wrong?

Filmmaker Corbyn Tyson explores what it means to be a positive influence in the life of a kid and becomes introspective with his own father. This is a series that looks at what it means to be a father today and the role our dads played in our lives.

Reflect for a moment and consider….

Was your father in your life? How did his presence affect you? Or maybe his lack of presence in your life  impacted you in some way, as well.

If so, how? And who stood in the gap for his absence?Were there other men? Were there mentors for you as a man, even today in life after  25 or 30 years of age?

Are  you trying to change this pattern and STILL struggle today, as a result?

 Like Corbyn, ask yourself:  How do you read your compass?

Are you considering what you do right or… what you do wrong? Do you ask questions or seek our help, perhaps you should.

These are the thing we talk about in groups and talking about them in The Fatherhood Connection helps us to be better fathers.

Bill Cosby gives funny, yet wonderful insight on Parenting as a Father. Here, Bill describes the frustrations of a father and adds a bit of humor to it.

In the movie, Big Daddy, Adam Sandler plays a dad in this movie called “Big daddy”. He tells his father and the judge why he deserves custody and he really is a “good father”. He really defeats fear… and says: “Don’t be scared.” The things we do for our kids as fathers, must not be done in fear.


Apparently his words have an impact, and we love this clip, and thought you would too.

What Makes a Good Father?

By: Shawn Donovan

Anyone can have children, but not anyone can be a father. So before you claim that “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, take a look at some of the criteria that illustrate how to be a good father.

Sharing time. You can’t be a father if you’re not around, let alone try to be a good father. Spending time with your children and being involved in their lives is imperative to being a good dad. You only get a few years to make a lifelong impression on your child. Don’t miss those moments because work or other interests seem more important.
Being a role model. As their father, your children naturally look up to you. They think of you as their superhero. While you may not be able to leap over buildings in a single bound, children are equally impressed by the simple things you do. Children will emulate your behavior. If you’re rude to a waitress, they’ll think it’s okay to be rude to waitresses. If you treat others with honesty and respect, your kids will do the same. It’s important that you lead by example, not by, “Do as I say, not what I do.” Always be mindful of what your children see, because you’ll see the same behavior down the road.
Being honest. How are you going to expect honesty from your children if you’re not honest with them? When your kids ask tough questions, you need to respond with open, but age-appropriate, answers. You may not want to talk about smoking pot in college or how you ran up a huge credit card debt, but you’re not doing your kids any favors if you lie to them. Tell them the truth and tell them what you learned from the experience. Tell your kids what you did wrong, and you may keep them from making the same mistakes.
Be loving, yet stern. It’s important that your children feel loved. That goes without question. But a father should never be a child’s friend. Loving your children means grounding them, withholding allowance when chores aren’t finished and saying no to things they really want. You are the authority figure in their life. If you’re too much of a pushover, your children will grow up lacking discipline. On the other hand, if you push them too hard, they may end up resenting you. A good father should know how to straddle this delicate line.