Our Fathers were really impressed with our past few sessions in Batavia and Geneseo . Here  are some of their awesome comments!

Yea TEAM:  Together Everyone Accomplishes Much!

Question: ” Have you changed in any way since 1st attending the group? If so, in what ways? Is there any  feedback from friends or family members?”


“Absolutely, I am more patient & deliberate in my relationship w/ my daughter& my girlfriend.”

 “I gained greater insight to the things that affected me and learned a few  parenting skills that I may use.”

 “I learned a lot from the group & the other participants. I would encourage more fathers to come.”

“My family wants to know what happened to me, I said it was the Fatherhood Class.”

“Yes I have learned how to handle things better.”

“Yes, I have become more confident in myself & more aware of the feelings of others.”

“I am much more aware of how I handle my own behavior.”

“The group was very relaxing to interact with,  I would come here tired, but leave the group

  renewed & energized.”

” I would say that I was impressed with those who wanted to make a difference in their parenting.”

“I learned a lot of things that I never knew, thanks for the group,  I need its support.”

” (I have) better understanding of my role as a father.”

” I’ve changed, (I am)  loving it, I’m a new person (so they say…)”

” I have a ton of tools in my toolbox!”