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Sometimes the love of a parent heals, too.

If you have never participated in our Fatherhood Classes, please take the time to view this video and learn a little about what we do. We currently work with the Fatherhood Initiative  at the Monroe County  Department of Mental Human Services  but we also  travel  for speaking engagements to places currently in the Monroe county and surrounding  rural areas in Monroe County and hold Fatherhood Groups. This video includes a few fathers, and also my Son, Reggie Cox, who helps lead the fatherhood groups with me. please ask us to come out and speak by connecting with us at Thank you.

Hard Decisions.

Whats the hardest decision you have had to make as a father? Sometimes the decisions we make as fathers are out of our hands. How do you handle it when situations pertaining to your children are out of your hands.

What is the hardest decision you have had to make as a father, in your life?

The Fatherhood Connection is moving across Monroe and Livingston Counties.We having excellent groups in N.Y. area. amd even groups for boys. We hope you enjoy the presentation. If you would like us to present in your area, or are interested n speaking opportunities or presentations, please contact us at

Will Smith’s portrayal of a son yearning for his father’s love and yet becoming desensitized to the anger is an excellent portrayal of the hurt and pain kids and young men and women tend to feel. (Thanks, Will Smith) for your good acting.

They are sad, but true feelings.
So fathers we encourage you to never stop trying to REACH OUT to your children. No matter what the circumstances, still try. If it turns out they have left, and you have no contact, use your spiritual and natural resources to find help, so that you are not alone, and in isolation.

For young men and women who have father hunger, you also should seek resource and support. You are not alone.

Please send us your thoughts about our program! We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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