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1. Poverty
2. Education
3. Substance Abuse
4. Incarceration
5. Teenage Pregnancy
6. Emotional and Physical Safety

Children Need Their Fathers. They also need their mothers. How can one replace the loss of a father when there is such Father Hunger? There are consequences from absent fatherhood. Some of these are complications that happen after a father is absent in the home, and some are absent even when mothers are not present.  Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we took the time to parent and notice the needs of our children in all areas of their lives.

One of the areas here that stands out the most, is that of emotional and  physical safety. I was reading an article recently for couples and found that an area that stands out  for their relationship to be secure is these three things:

A.  The first, is ACCEPTANCE .   The more accepted and valued by your partner you feel, the more you are in the safe zone emotionally because your sense of self is intact. However, if you feel that your partner believes something negative about you, your sense of self may suffer and you will feel emotionally unsafe.

B. GOOD ESTEEM-  This IS WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE: ” (I am OK).”  If you feel that you are lovable and adequate, your self-esteem will generally be pretty high and you will feel entitled to receiving love and care in your relationship. If you don’t feel like you are okay, it breeds to a lack of closeness and  conflict.

C. And thirdly.  one needs SECURITY. Security is about  means that “there are no threats to how loved and cared for, “and you feel safe with those you are in current relationships with.

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Whats the hardest decision you have had to make as a father? Sometimes the decisions we make as fathers are out of our hands. How do you handle it when situations pertaining to your children are out of your hands.

What is the hardest decision you have had to make as a father, in your life?