Programmatic Goals for The Fatherhood Connection

 I.       To help men become more confident and competent as leaders and partners in their families and community

II.      To educate fathers on the benefits of being there for their children, & families

III.    To enhance men’s leadership, Co-parenting & life skills for positive outcomes towards fatherhood

 IV.    To be a support for men as they navigate systemic barriers in education, economics, healthy relationships, & judicial procedures

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

I.        To teach & engage men how to become comfortable talking about themselves and their relationship with family & community.

II.      To teach the overall benefit of an involved father educationally, emotionally, socially, & economically of those in child welfare.

III.    To teach the positive impact of father involvement and how men & women parent differently

IV.    To teach responsible fatherhood  & attitudes toward child support agencies:

a) social services

b) youth justice system

c) school teachers/pastoral staff

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Phone number: 585-284-2445